UC00A to computer

18 Aug: Getting Started On Graphical User Interface GUI

The main purpose for this project is to show how to get start on Graphical User Interface (GUI). A graphical user interface (GUI) is one of the ways to interface between computer and human which can manipulated by mouse or a keyboard. A combination of an input device such as mouse, and visual representations of the workspace and tasks, the user able to interace with the computer or laptop in a manner similar to physical manipulations available in the real world.


30 Jul: GUI Controlled Flexibot by Using SKXBee

This project main purpose is using GUI (Graphical User Interface) panel to control the moving direction and rotating direction by wireless communication. For this project, we need two SKXBee Pro, USB cable, PR19 Flexibot, 12V LIPO Batterry or 12VDc adapter and computer. In fact, this project is used computer (GUI) to interface with SKXBEE 1 (wireless communicate send command to SKXBee 2) for control the Flexibot action. So, we have to plug in the USB cable from SKXBee 1 to computer USB port.