22 Jul: Microchip’s MDDFS for SKPIC32 – Reading and Writing Files (Microchip PIC32 microcontrollers)

The MDDFS library which is already covered in the previous tutorial can be also used for the PIC32 microcontroller. Please refer to the previous tutorial if you are new to the MDDFS library. The best thing about the PIC32 microcontroller is it has a huge program space, more RAM, and finally, more horsepower than the other PIC microcontrollers available.


03 Nov: Introduction to Microchip’s MDDFS – Reading and Writing Files (Microchip 16-bit microcontrollers)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to read and write files in a Micro-SD card using a microcontroller. Do not worry as you will be using Microchip’s Memory Disk Drive File System (MDDFS) libraries to help you to do all of these immediately. One thing about the library is, it requires a lot of microcontroller’s program space. The dsPIC30F4013 will be used in this project since it has 48KB of program memory.