13 Jan: Control and Monitor via SMS Part 2

Introduction: Hi,everyone !! GSM/ GPRS modems can be connected directly to your computer’s serial port for wireless GSM communications including sending and receiving text messages. They can also be connected to remote RS232 serial equipment allowing you to ‘dial up’ your system in remote management. Hence, you can implement data loggers such as Data Taker and Pace Scientific. On the other hand, GPRS connectivity also allows you to integrate the modem in your application for…


14 Jun: Simple steps to control Stepper Motor using 2Amp Motor Driver Shield and CIKU

INTRODUCTION: CIKU is born from the experiences of using Arduino and feedback we gathered from SK40C users. Ciku comes with PIC18F4550 pre-programed with Microchip USB HID Bootloader and with this, loading program only requires a USB Mini-B cable, no extra programmer is needed. This will lower the cost needed to get started. In this tutorial, I will show how to integrate CIKU with 2A Motor Driver Shield and a stepper motor.     HARDWARE REQUIRED:...

17 Aug: PIC16F VS PIC18F:Analysis of PIC Mid-Range 8 bit family and Advanced 8-bits Family

PIC Microcontroller is one of the popular device among student and hobbyist. Microchip Technology is a giant for embedded system. Every year, they produce different product for different application range from beginner training kit to advanced application such as medical instrumentation and robotic. A lot of people wonder which device should start with when exploring PIC MCU? So in this tutorial, i will guide you the software and hardware features of 2 PIC families :Mid-range 8 bit MCU(PIC 16 series) and Advanced 8 bits MCU(PIC18 series)


28 Jul: Gesture Sensor (APDS9960) interface with SK40C+PIC16F877A

Introduction: Hi everyone!! Since we have received requests from users on how to integrate the Gesture sensor with PIC, we came out with this tutorial. In this tutorial, we are using the SK40C with PIC16F877A to read the hands gesture and lastly display on LCD. Covered in this tutorial: Material required (Hardware and software) Additional information about the gesture sensor Circuit diagram of Gesture sensor interface with SK40C Code overview  Demonstration video If you have further...

12 Mar: SK40C vs CT-UNO

What is SK40C? Cytron’s SK40C is a 40 pins PIC microcontroller starter kit designed to offer an easy-to-start solution for PIC microcontroller(PIC MCU) user. Users are able to utilize the function of PIC by directly plugging the I/O components in whatever way that is convenient to them. What is CT-UNO board? CT-UNO is a microcontroller board which contains all the amazing features of an Arduino UNO. The CT-UNO combines the simplicity of the UNO Optiboot...