Robot Games

11 May: Learn! Build and Compete! Join Robot Games

Well, you should have heard! Only 1 week left before we close the registration for robot games. Only RM10 registration fee!!  What are you waiting for?? Many have been suggesting Cytron to organize a robotics competition, but somehow we have not been able to do so due to some internal consideration. All this while, we have Sirim’s Robocon, UNIMAP’s MIROC, UNITEN’s Robogamez and lots more which provided a good platform for all of us to showcase…


26 May: Mobile Robot Platform

A mobile robot that is capable of auto navigating a path to a predefine destination and complete multiple tasks given such as goods transition, mobile security, mobile tour guide. It can even perform as a university research platform. Why MRP? MRP make you focus on your application which you no need to reinvent the robot hardware or redoing some basic programming again. MRP has do it all for you! Thus, it saves lots of time for investor.


23 Mar: What can you do with 4 RC servos?

Yes, it’s really hard to think of a robot with only 4 RC servos without any other actuator. The most common robot is wheel robot with only 2 360 degree rotate RC servos. But, actually you can notice that there is other examples of robot that build from 4 RC servos. One of them is Biped Walker. Thus, today i try to build this robot to test the performance. Another reason is recently we have come out with new product called IFC-RS08 which stand for RC Servo Card (8 Channel RC Servo Controller) and would like to build a application from this product. The construction are pretty easy if compare with other 6 RC Servo Biped. I use roughly 3-4 hours to successfully build and program this robot.


24 Feb: Microchip Newsletter – Microsolutions

If you are robot hobbyist, then you must know Microchip Technology Inc. At least you should know theyare the designer and manufacture of PIC microcontroller which many of us using right now. Microchip has been offering a newsletter name microSOLUTIONS E-newsletter.These articles are published each month. Learn about new 8-, 16- and 32-bit PIC MCUs, 16-bit dsPIC DSCs, serial eeproms and analog products, current promotions and discounts, Design Partner updates, new technical training resources, industry…