RC servo


22 May: Controlling Servo via Android Smartphone

INTRODUCTION: In this project you are going to learn how to control a servo motor to rotate from 0 to 180 degree precisely, using the Android Smart Phone App. Servos are known for their precise angle rotations and is widely used in robotic applications. So, this tutorial is a great project to start with. HARDWARE REQUIRED SOFTWARE REQUIRED 1. Arduino IDE THEORY & FUNDAMENTAL In the App, there is a slider controller that has a minimum...
DC Motor

28 Aug: How to choose a suitable DC motor?

Most of the people do not know which motor is suitable for their mini projects, Final Year project and other projects. They just use try and error method to find out which motor is the most suitable for their project. Let’s figure it out on How to choose the suitable motor according to your project.


14 Jun: Remote Control of Tilt and Pan Camera using Microcontroller

This is Final Year Project's abstract by one of our internship student 2011, Mr. Tiew Weng Khai. Thanks to WK for sharing with us. He is responsible to modify the Pinguino board and become PICuno board, he has also contributed a few tutorials on using SK40C + PIC18F4550 as Pinguino board. Nowadays, tilt and pan camera is increasingly being used in robotic and machine vision application. In this project, tilt and pan system is developed...
servo parts

19 Sep: How RC Servo Works?

Since many students and hobbyists are using RC servo in their projects, let’s take a look at the RC servo (servos for short). The purpose of this information is to give an overview of how servos operate and how to communicate with them.