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13 Jan: Control and Monitor via SMS Part 2

Introduction: Hi,everyone !! GSM/ GPRS modems can be connected directly to your computer’s serial port for wireless GSM communications including sending and receiving text messages. They can also be connected to remote RS232 serial equipment allowing you to ‘dial up’ your system in remote management. Hence, you can implement data loggers such as Data Taker and Pace Scientific. On the other hand, GPRS connectivity also allows you to integrate the modem in your application for…


23 Jan: New Products Jan 2011

It has been sometime since we talk about new products. Yes, we have been busy designing new product :) There are a few new products that you might be interested in. We have been searching for this jumper wire quite some time and finally we get it. This is exclusively special jumper wire which terminated with female header socket, suitable to connect to 0.1" pitch to pitch header pin. This is very useful jumper wire,...