Motor Driver


26 Jul: SK40C – Controlling MDS40A

In this tutorial, I will explain some sample code to drive the two DC motors in sign-magnitude PWM mode, locked-antiphase PWM mode and simplified serial mode. Thus, all of the sample code that given in this tutorial will only drive two DC motors in clockwise by pressing SW1 and in counter-clockwise by pressing SW2.


16 Jul: Interfacing FD04A and SKPS with Arduino

Flexibot Driver 4 Channels (FD04A) is special designed to drive up to 4 DC brush motors. It offers low cost and easy to use DC motor driver capable of driving up 4 DC brush motors and the current can goes up to 3-Ampere. By interfacing with Arduino Duemilanove (Arduino-Due), the board is ready for driving up motors with direction, start, stop and speed control.