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23 Jul: Using Cytron PS2 Shield with Arduino Edubot

Introduction Have you tried out using Arduino Edubot for line following? The Arduino Edubot worked in autonomous mode where it will keep on following the line. However, what if you are interested to control the Arduino Edubot manually? Fret not, you can easily control Arduino Edubot with the help of Cytron PS2 Shield. This shield allows you to integrate the standard PS2 controller into your Arduino Edubot or even other projects.


17 Oct: Remote Control with Shield-PS2 + G15 as wheel

Yes! The PS2 have Arduino shield now! The Cytron PS2 Shield is designed to be compatible with SONY PS2 wired and wireless type. Previously I have write an article on G15 cube servo motor on Mobile Robot, controlled using SKPS or SKPSW, but you need to do some wiring. Since Cytron have launched the shield for PS2, I decided to upgrade the tutorial. With this shield, minimum wiring is needed. Furthermore, G15 team is producing...

19 Mar: G15 Cube Servo on Mobile Robot

The new cube servo, G15 from Cytron Technologies is amazing actuator. Beside the angle/position control feature (like a standard RC servo), it also offer continuous rotation :)   We are going to show a simple mobile robot construction using G15 as the motor drive the wheel and further the mobile robot. It might not like the mobile robot you imagine because we are using CD disc as the wheel and the scrap PCB as the...

14 Jan: Remote Mobile Robot with XBee-WiFi

*During write this tutorial, Xbee WiFi don't have SoftAP mode yet. But now, Xbee WiFi offers SoftAP mode and much more suitable for this application. So it is recommended to read this tutorial: Remote Mobile Robot with XBee-WiFi (Android) Since Digi International (company of XBee) has launch their WiFi module (XBee-WiFi), I am thinking to create a simple but interesting application using this module. What should be on your mind? Then I start to check...