13 Oct: How to Make your Line Following Robot Faster?

Introduction Introducing Line Following Robot with the PD controller. I'm sure most of you guys are familiar with line following robot. But for this tutorial, I will show you an interesting method that we can use with the robot, where we will apply a PD (Proportional and Differential) controller to it, making the robot faster and less wobbly. Now let's go through this together to learn about how this robot was built. =) Hardware Required CT UNO XBEE PRO STARTER...
2015-01-21 18.46.43

27 Jan: Arduino Edubot using 2Amp Motor Driver Shield

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to build your own Arduino Edubot using the 2Amp Motor Driver Shield. A simple line following robot will be created using the 2Amp Motor Driver shield together with the LSS05 Auto Calibrating Line Sensor. Hardware Required: Below are the parts required to build an Arduino Edubot: Aluminium Robot Chassis Complete Set CT UNO 2Amp Motor Driver Shield Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor 2x 18650 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery 2x...

08 Nov: LSS05 and MC40A is on rack SOON!

Well, many has been emailling and calling us to ask about LSS05 and MC40A. Yup, the design and development is done early of Oct, but product need time to fabricate and testing before we can launch it, right? Anyway here you are, LSS05 and MC40A done production, just waiting for testing. I think will be on rack for order next week. LSS05, Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor MC40A, Mini Mobile Robot Controller We are also editing video...