line sensor


12 Sep: CIKU + 2Amp Motor Driver Shield

Hi, this tutorial will show you how to build line following robot by using CIKU and 2Amp Motor Driver Shield. HARDWARE 1. CIKU (link). 2. 2Amp Motor Driver Shield (link). 3. Aluminium Robot Chassis Complete Set (link). 4. Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor (link). 5. 2 units of 3.7V 1100mAh Li-Ion Battery (link). 6. 2x18650 Battery Holder (link). 7. Dual 18650 Li-Ion Battery Charger (link). 8. DC Jack(Male) to DG126 Converter (link). 9. Jumper wire to connect...

23 Jan: New Products Jan 2011

It has been sometime since we talk about new products. Yes, we have been busy designing new product :) There are a few new products that you might be interested in. We have been searching for this jumper wire quite some time and finally we get it. This is exclusively special jumper wire which terminated with female header socket, suitable to connect to 0.1" pitch to pitch header pin. This is very useful jumper wire,...