Make Your Own Colourful Plate for Your Home

Hi everyone, did you watch our Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2015 video? In that video I use Cytron RainbowBit to make the colourful plate. The number of the RainbowBit that light up is controlled by the analog distance sensor. When the analog distance sensor detect the object nearer, more RainbowBit will light up and when the distance is less than or equal to 20 cm, all the RaibowBit will light up and make a beautiful cycle of colours.


Dice, which all of us are normally will use it when playing a games especially monopoly. But have we ever head of LED dice? LED dice, one of the interesting project using LED except from LED blinking. In here, we going to experience on how to make an LED dice with a few LEDs interface with Arduino Duemilanove.