15 Sep: Let ESPresso thingSpeak for You

In this tutorial, we will demonstrat how to sync with ThingSpeak app. ESPert is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform that allows us to develop our own connected solutions easily and affordably. This simple tutorial will let you get familiar with Thingspeak and after that you can play around with as it provides lots of exciting options that you can further explore. SOFTWARE/APPS Thingspeak STEPS  Install ESPert IoT Mobile App. Create ESPert account. 3. Login to your account on...

22 Mar: TM, we love you, but you’re killing us!

Another article is being published on 29 May 2014, where we have the UniFi service 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, we love TM, many of us sign-up for Streamyx and UniFi. I use it every day, just something to share it out 🙂 Before we move Cytron’s Head Quarter to Penang, we started to setup the necessary facilities for business to run smoothly. Especially the fundamental utility which includes water and electricity, not to forget…