05 Jan: Exciting Paintball Competition at MURoC!

For those that missed MURoC at UniMAP, I am sure you missed the excitement. Why? Because it is very fun, exciting as you are controlling robot to play paint ball for you, you wouldn't be hurt by your friend when they shoot your robot..... Woh! Creative way to play a dangerous game, right? As we have shared about this event early in our blog here, many should have notice this exciting game. Though the competition...

26 May: Mobile Robot Platform

A mobile robot that is capable of auto navigating a path to a predefine destination and complete multiple tasks given such as goods transition, mobile security, mobile tour guide. It can even perform as a university research platform. Why MRP? MRP make you focus on your application which you no need to reinvent the robot hardware or redoing some basic programming again. MRP has do it all for you! Thus, it saves lots of time for investor.


23 Mar: What can you do with 4 RC servos?

Yes, it’s really hard to think of a robot with only 4 RC servos without any other actuator. The most common robot is wheel robot with only 2 360 degree rotate RC servos. But, actually you can notice that there is other examples of robot that build from 4 RC servos. One of them is Biped Walker. Thus, today i try to build this robot to test the performance. Another reason is recently we have come out with new product called IFC-RS08 which stand for RC Servo Card (8 Channel RC Servo Controller) and would like to build a application from this product. The construction are pretty easy if compare with other 6 RC Servo Biped. I use roughly 3-4 hours to successfully build and program this robot.


26 Feb: ROBOCON Workshop at KKTM Balik Pulau, Penang

Another ROBOCON Workshop have been successfully conducted in KKTM (Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara) Balik Pulau, Penang. They are first timer in ROBOCON, so please welcome them! The workshop started on 24th Feb 2009 (Tuesday), there are around 12 students and 10 lecturers involve in the workshop. After collecting all necessary component, material and peoples, the workshop begin at around 10am. The venue is located at Microcontroller lab in KKTM Balik Pulau. History of ROBOCON sound…