GSM modem


13 Jan: Control and Monitor via SMS Part 2

Introduction: Hi,everyone !! GSM/ GPRS modems can be connected directly to your computer’s serial port for wireless GSM communications including sending and receiving text messages. They can also be connected to remote RS232 serial equipment allowing you to ‘dial up’ your system in remote management. Hence, you can implement data loggers such as Data Taker and Pace Scientific. On the other hand, GPRS connectivity also allows you to integrate the modem in your application for…


08 Dec: Control and Monitor via SMS

By WW Kong (RH2T Magazine Vol.7, Dec10) In volume 5, we discussed about Smart Home technology. One of the features of Smart Home is that we can control the household appliances and monitor the condition of our house remotely by just using a mobile phone. This is no rocket science and can be easily achieved by using a GSM modem. 1.0 Introduction GSM modem is specialized type of modem that operates over subscription based wireless...