22 Jun: PID for Embedded Design

By Kong Wai Weng RH2T Mag, Vol.4, Mar 2010 PID control system is one of the most mature and commonly used control strategies in the industrial for decades thanks to its simple but effective algorithm. In this article, we will discuss the basic concept of PID controller and how to implement it in the embedded system. Introduction Closed loop control system is an essential topic for embedded systems, bringing together actuators and sensors with the…


05 Aug: Getting Started with SK40C & PIC16F887

SK40C is another enhanced version of 40 pins PIC microcontroller start up kit. It is designed to offer an easy-to-start solution for PIC MCU user. Users are able to utilize the function of PIC by directly plugging in the I/O components in whatever way that is convenient to them. With UIC00B connector on board, user can start developing projects and have fun with this kit right away. This kit comes WITHOUT PIC microcontroller to provide the freedom for user to choose PIC model.


21 Aug: PIC Microcontroller Seminar at UPM Serdang – Done

We have completed the PIC Microcontroller Seminar at UPM Serdang last week. It has been quite a busy week for us because too many of workshop + seminar in 2 weeks time. Last 2 weeks we have conducted workshop at UTM Skudai and also our Penang office. I din manage to upload the updates as rush for the seminar on 15th Aug last week. Anyway, let's take a look on some of the photos taken...