DC motor

Espresso Lite V2.0

06 Sep: Smartphone Controlled Wheel Robot

ESPresso Lite V2.0 is a Wi-Fi development board based on the ESP8266 chipset that also supports the Arduino environment. With this board, users can build systems capable of transferring data wirelessly through internet. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate a method of controlling geared DC motors' rotation with MQTT Websockets Panel to create a wheeled robot. The command entered on the panel will commands the robot to move in the desired direction. Our robot uses...

26 Jul: Raspberry Pi: Control DC Motor using MDDS10

There are several methods to control DC motors using Raspberry Pi. The suitable method for your application depends on how many PWM outputs you have and what performance you expect out of those outputs. There is only one hardware PWM output on the Raspberry Pi, so it difficult to control two DC Motor simultaneously. In this tutorial, we will use software PWM method to control 2 DC motors. There are some updates in RPi.GPIO of...
DC Motor

28 Aug: How to choose a suitable DC motor?

Most of the people do not know which motor is suitable for their mini projects, Final Year project and other projects. They just use try and error method to find out which motor is the most suitable for their project. Let’s figure it out on How to choose the suitable motor according to your project.