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30 Dec: How to Amplify a Piezo Buzzer

You probably looked this up because you wanted to know how to make your piezo buzzer more deafening. Or maybe you have a small battery to power your buzzer so the sound is too soft. In this tutorial, I will cover the Science behind Piezo Buzzer and how to amplify it with a simple technique. Hardware Required 3.7V Lithium Ion Battery Piezo Buzzer DC to DC Step Up Converter Software Required None The Concept So how...

25 Jul: Getting Started? Let’s Try EZMP3 Shield :D

Introduction Hi everyone, great news! Cytron Technologies has brought you the latest version of the MP3 Shield, the EasyMP3 Shield! This MP3 shield is very easy to use, all you have to do is  plug and play. :) Despite its features, we love it because the MP3 decoder can access your MP3 files directly on the microSD card, freeing up the Arduino's proccessor for other tasks even as the MP3 is being played. Awesome! Hardware Setup...

14 Jun: Attendance Record System

  I have been given a task to build an attendance system for staff. The requirements are quite straight-forward. It needs to be standalone (without computer), fingerprint is preferred, record real time and the record should be in SD card. 1.0 Introduction There has been various kinds of attendance record system in the market, RFID-based, fingerprint scanning-based and barcode-based, etc. Talking about this attendance system, you may think that it is quite complex and hard to...
BB-SPG10 with motor

01 Mar: Tutorial on Soldering Breakoutboards to the Micro Metal Gearmotor!!

Hi everyone!! Today, we would like to share guideline on soldering Breakout boards to the Micro Metal Gearmotor. Hardware required: 1)Breakout boards for SPG10 2)Micro Metal Gearmotor 3)Soldering gun Procedure: If you look carefully on the Micro Metal Gearmotor, there would be two signs, showing the positive and negative terminals. Same goes for the breakout board. In addition, on the breakout board of SPG10 there is positive sign label as shown in the figure below. This sign is...

03 Sep: Make Your Own Colourful Plate for Your Home

Hi everyone, did you watch our Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2015 video? In that video I use Cytron RainbowBit to make the colourful plate. The number of the RainbowBit that light up is controlled by the analog distance sensor. When the analog distance sensor detect the object nearer, more RainbowBit will light up and when the distance is less than or equal to 20 cm, all the RaibowBit will light up and make a beautiful cycle of colours.