11 Oct: Using XBee Module

XBee has gaining it popularity in robotics for wireless communication because of its easiness to use feature. Power it up and you can straight away transmit and receive wireless data transparently. But, you might have problem interface with it because the pin is not standard. You cannot simply buy XBee module and solder to your donut board, or even plug into your breadboard. Thus, Cytron provide a breakout board for user to extend the XBee module pins.


23 Sep: Upgrading PS40B to Wireless SONY PS2 joystick?

Many users sent email to technical support asking whether PS40B support wireless PS2 joystick, the answer disappoint most of them. NO, PS40B cannot support wireless PS2 joystick. The interface and firmware is obsolete and we cannot do much about it because it is customized from our contractor and sorry to say, they do not support the upgrade anymore. Furthermore, you cannot change the actions from a button on PS2 joystick to what you want using the original firmware from PS40B. However, don be fully disappointed because we have come out with another solution. You can actually integrate with SKPS to obtain more flexible design and control. You can customize the actions the way you like and it can support wireless PS2 joystick. it can also be applied in any robot game that required manual control (wired or wireless) such as Robogamez 2009.