XBee S2C vs S2

07 Mar: XBee S2C Replacement of XBee Series 2

The famous XBee is actually from Digi International. I wrote a few articles about XBee (Is XBee ZigBee? Using XBee module, Recovering Your XBee, XBee Series 2 point to point communication) to introduce the product and as you might have know, there are many wireless module that mimic XBee, tapping to the ecosystem. Example is GPS with XBee form factor, Bluetooth with XBee form factor, GSM etc. To make your module XBee compatible, the module must…


20 Oct: LoRa in Malaysia? Probably in Indonesia too?

If you follow our activities (Cytron’s activities), you might have noticed that we use LoRa (Long Range) ecosystems quite a lot. It started with the Microchip seminar back in 2015 where they announced LoRa. I was amazed by its coverage distance and open standards. LoRa is fairly new in wireless technology, it emerged to bridge the gap in LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network). Although we already have PAN (Personal Area Network) such as WiFi and…


15 Sep: Lesson 2: Setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 LoRa Gateway with HAT-LRGW-915

Last Updated on 15 Sep 2017 INTRODUCTION Lately LoRaWAN has been increasingly famous in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Many applications in our daily lives require remote control or monitoring, yet they do not require high power or data streaming. This is the gap that LoRaWAN bridges with its low power, low payload feature. In LoRaWAN systems, the LoRa Gateway plays an important role because its job is to receive signals from…