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01 Apr: Cytron Technologies as Training Provider HRDF

We are officially registered under HRDF!! There are many schemes that are offered under HRDF such as SBL Khas, SBL and etc. The only scheme that are available for our company is SBL. We are not yet have any programmes registered under SBL Khas.
You can find us as training provider registered under HRDF here. (link)
You can always check out our websites for training course available. To request a training you can just email


02 Sep: PWM from CT-UNO+ MDDS10

This article is about PWM signal and the response of MDDS10 which being controlled by this PWM from microcontroller, and the PWM signal shown on oscilloscope. The MDDS10 be injected with PWM from microcontroller (CT-UNO) continuously.