DIY Digital Alarm Clock Using REKA:BIT With Micro:bit | Tutorial for Beginners

LCDs are very popular and useful when you need to display some information like sensors data from your project, and once it comes to use it with REKA:BIT it couldn’t be easier. So let’s build a digital alarm with LCD and potentiometers.

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Components and Tools

Step 2: Make Alarm Box

Grab the box and make holes in it as shown in the figures below:

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Step 3: Attach Components to the Box

By following the figures below:

  • Fix REKA:BIT and LCD in the box using cable ties
  • The potentiometer should be inserted above the LCD

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Step 4: Connection

compressjpgdigital alarm circuit diagram

By following the diagram above:

  • Connect both of the potentiometers to the 1st and 3rd ports.
  • Connect the LCD to the 6th port

Step 5: Code


Now, connect your REKA:BIT to your device and open MakeCode editor to start programming.

  • Add REKA:BIT extension and follow the code block in the picture above
  • After completing the code, download it on microbit

You can also view and edit the code by clicking here!

Project Completed!


Turn on REKA:BIT and start by adjusting the current time, after that proceed to set the alarm

  • Hold A button and rotate the potentiometer to adjust the time
  • Hold B button and rotate the potentiometer to set the alarm

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