DIY Bubble Blower Using REKA:BIT With Micro:bit


Let’s learn how to make a bubble blower game that works with the noise you make !! Cool isn’t it? Join me in this tutorial to find out how 🧼✨

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Components and Tools


Electrical Components Required:

Tools Required:

All listed components can be found on our website Cytron Technologies


slide1 slide2 slide3 slide4 slide5 slide6 

  1. Using a hot glue gun, attach one ice cream at the top of the two other ice cream sticks making a H shape
  2. Attach another ice cream stick vertically on the left side
  3. Do step 2, but this time on the right side
  4. Place another ice cream stick horizontally on the top as shown in figure 4
  5. Stick a bubble wand on the servo motor, then attach the servo motor on the top side, as shown in figure 5
  6. Attach the shaft motor vertically as shown in figure 6


screenshot (145)

  • Connect the servo motor to the S1 port
  • Connect the shaft motor to the first terminal

Step 4: CODE


Now, connect your REKA:BIT to your device and open MakeCode editor to start programming.

  • Add REKA:BIT extension and follow the code block in the picture above
  • After completing the code block, download it and compile it over REKA:BIT

You can also view and edit the code by clicking here!



Great! .. Now, turn on the REKA:BIT and start making some noise to let the fan move!

Don’t forget to show your amazing project to your friends, I’m sure they will be curious to know how you made it.

Have a good day, Maker 🙂

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