Does Technology Make Us Feel Safe

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While some people might disagree, the recent advancements in technology are making us safe. Currently, we have voice recognition software as well as gesture control apps that can be used to secure our doors and restrict the entry of unwanted guests. Also, with the world going paperless, there are new forms of solutions to secure our digital files and documents.

Apart from doors and documents, there are also solutions to protect us when we browse the internet. But does (how does) technology keep us safe? Here are ways in which tech keeps us secure at all times:

Now let’s get right to it:

1.      Data Encryption

With advances in technology, hackers are also perfecting their art of prying on other people’s business. Therefore, if you want to keep your information safe, you can use hardware devices and local hard drives to back up your data. These software and hardware encryption systems function to encode your information so that only certain authorized personnel get access to this information. Data encryption systems are available for companies and individuals. Software such as NordVPN (Check this NordVPN Review for further consideration) ensures that our information is kept safe and secure while we work our way through the internet.

2.      Computer Trackers


Sometimes you may misplace your computer or lose it or even accidentally leave it in the hands of people you do not trust. To safeguard your device, you could leverage apps such as Prey or LoJack to locate and lock your hard drive. These apps are efficient such that you can use your phone or another computer to perform this function.

3.      Fingerprints in Place of Passwords

The unique features of fingerprints have been utilized to enhance the security of devices. Instead of creating a password to lock your computer, you can now use a fingerprint scan. While hackers can get your password, they will never hack on your fingerprints because as you know, each one’s prints are distinctly unique.

4.      Facial Recognition

This system uses biometrics capabilities to map facial features from an image and compare it with known faces on the database to match. There are numerous face recognition apps such as FaceFirst, MojiPop, Face2Gene, as well as BioID, and Intel Security True KeyTM. These applications memorize your facial features and secure your documents such that they will only grant access to you. Some facial recognition apps can also be utilized to secure your mobile phone. Maybe you have an outdated printer that refuses to connect to your PC wirelessly. Knowing that e-waste is the hardest to dispose of, plus you probably have a unique attachment to the printer, your better option would be to revive it using Raspberry Pi. All you need is Samba file-sharing software, your Pi, CUPS modular printing system, probably a USB cable, and this guide.

5.      Home Automation Systems

Apart from files and computer devices, technology has also improved to such great lengths that we now have home automation systems. When these systems are installed in a home, they convert it to a smart home that can be operated remotely. Applications such as automatic door lock systems can now lock and open your door remotely through your tablet or mobile phone device. If you have people who children who come from school earlier before you get home or have a person who walks your dog, you buzz them in remotely. These systems are so smart that you can set them to open and lock doors at specified times. Additionally, they keep burglars and other unwanted guests out of your house. Suppose there is an unauthorized entry in your home, they also notify you immediately. Apart from homes, the door locks can also be employed in other spaces where security is paramount.

6.      Wireless Charger

This is a simple project for kids as young as 8 years. Just buy your kid the Kano Computer Kit and Raspberry Pi 4 and then guide them to build their first computer. It is easy, fun, and adventurous. What’s more, you only need to follow this guide once and you will be ready for the best bonding time you have ever had with your kid.

7.      Safe Banking

Technology has also made it easier for you to transact with your bank safely. At the moment, almost all the banks have a digital platform where customers can conduct their transfers. You can synchronize your laptop to your bank account then secure your computer with a password, face recognition software, or fingerprint software. By so doing, you will have created your personalized “bank vault”.

Final Thought

Growth in technology is inevitable. While some tech features may present some challenges and ethical concerns, we cannot help but embrace them. When you use the features discussed above, you will not need to worry about your security at all.

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