3D Printer-Snapmaker Helps to Fight COVID-19

Snapmaker Fight Covid19
Your Snapmaker can contribute to Fight COVID-19

Well, I am sure many of us have experienced or are under certain movement restriction control, worldwide, due to COVID-19. But humans are creative and optimistic. We will always find a way to overcome the problem. Of course, makers too, we will try to help the front liners – the medical officers and policemen.

We understand that we must protect the front-liners as they are protecting us, and they are irreplaceable. Therefore, the initiate from makers all around the world has come together to produce PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) parts for front-liners – the medical officers and policemen.

I am sure with the collective effort, we will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here, we list out some of the efforts where the Snapmaker has been used in the 3D printing community to help in fighting COVID-19.

So let’s start looking at what you can print for the fight using Snapmaker Original 🙂

Snapmaker DIY Protective Gear

Snapmaker DIY Protective Shield to fight COVID-19

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus breakout, we have been looking for ways to help fight COVID-19. There are many great examples using other 3D printers which bigger printing sizes. Yet, Snapmaker original is designed for beginner and therefore the small printing area. Fear no more, as Snapmaker has come out with their own DIY protective gear that all Snapmaker original user can print!

The Snapmaker DIY protective gear includes the Snap face shield, EVA goggles, EVA mask, and EVA mask buckle. It has been designed to be open source and the STL files of the Snapmaker DIY protective gear have been published on Wikifactory and they are free for anyone to produce. News is saying local healthcare workers are running out of medical resources especially in regions that are heavily infected, of course, that include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia. Our goal here is to help those people get however much protection they can.

It will only take a short time to DIY a face shield with a Snapmaker Original or 2.0. If you are interested in making one, you need to first prepare an A4 sized PVC film and a rubber band. You can then 3D print the face shield headband with the STL files provided and attach the headband to the A4 sized PVC film. The detailed instructions are listed on the Wikifactory.

The headband
Assembly headband
Mounting the PVC Film

Again, all the steps and files are at Wikifactory.

Besides Face Shield?

Snapmaker can always print more than a face shield 🙂 A good way is to contact your local 3D printing community that dedicated themself to help front-liner. Example, 3D Printing Malaysia Community for COVID 19.

3d Printing Community Malaysia
3D Printing Malaysia Community for COVID-19

Snapmaker Original has a printing size of 125mm x 125mm, it is enough to print the strap band or loop tier or mask band for the medical officer to wear the mask.

Face Mask Band Facebook
Example of asking for help to print more of loop tiers for one of the local hospitals

Yes, Snapmaker Original can definately play a role in printing the strap band. Here is an example of 16cm strap band on Snapmaker.

16cm Strapband
16cm Strap-band printed using PLA filament on Snapmaker Original

Nonetheless, to avoid any wastage, please do contact your local medical center to confirm the size, they might need a smaller size of strap-band. Example here should the mask band is too bigger and cannot really hold the mask.

Strapband Is To Big
The mask is too loose

If a smaller size is needed, you can arrange to print more of the bands on Snapmaker and utilize the printing cycle.

Different Size Strapband
Different size of strap-band, By Johnson Lam (KakiDIY)
Snapmaker 10cm Strapband
10cm Strap band on Snapmaker Original

You can always search the “mask band” or strap band” on Thingiverse to get related STL files and the source files too.

Everyone Can Contribute!

No contribution is small now. We are very round to contribute to a very small portion to support the community work, helping the front liners to stay safe! Kudos to everyone that contribute to the fight! Special shout out to KakiDIY and the Facebook community

Kakidiy Strapband
Some of Strap-band printed by KakiDIY

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