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Getting Started With MDD3A Motor Driver Using Arduino


MDD3A is a motor driver which have the same concept like Maker Drive but with the higher specs. In this tutorial, I will show how to get started with MDD3A motor driver using Maker UNO (Arduino).


This video will show you how to get started with MDD3A motor driver using Maker UNO (Arduino)

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Hardware Preparation

Below is the list of the items used in the video.

Wiring connection table.

Maker UNO MDD3A DC Motor Battery
Terminal M1A Motor 1
Terminal M1B Motor 1
Terminal VB+ Positive
Terminal VB- Negative
Terminal M2A Motor 2
Terminal M2B Motor 2
Pin 3 Pin M1A
Pin 9 Pin M1B
5V 5Vo
Pin 10 Pin M2A
Pin 11 Pin M2B

Sample Code

For the sample code, you can utilize the example code provided in Cytron Motor Drivers Library. Please install the library in Library Manager first. Then, open PWM_PWM_DUAL example (File – Examples – Cytron Motor Drivers Library – DUAL_DUAL_PWM).

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  1. Getting Started with Maker Drive and Arduino

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