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Getting Started with Maker Drive and Raspberry Pi


Besides interfacing Maker Drive with microcontroller, it also can be controlled by operating system controller like Raspberry Pi. This tutorial will show you how to setup and program your Pi to drive the DC motor using Maker Drive.

You may need to refer this tutorial first:

  1. Getting Started with Maker pHAT
  2. Getting Started with Maker Drive and micro:bit


This video will show you on how to get start with Maker Drive and Raspberry Pi.

Untuk versi Bahasa Melayu, sila rujuk video dibawah.

Hardware Preparation

Below is the list of items used in the video.

Wiring connection table.

Raspberry PiMaker DriveDC MotorBattery
GPIO 17Pin M1A
GPIO 18Pin M1B
GPIO 27Pin M2A
GPIO 22Pin M2B
Terminal M1ADC Motor 1
Terminal M1BDC Motor 1
Terminal M2ADC Motor 2
Terminal M2BDC Motor 2

Sample Code

This is sample code used in the video. Please run pigpio daemon on terminal (sudo pigpiod) before run the program.

Thank You


  1. Getting Started With Maker pHAT
  2. Getting Started With Maker Drive and micro:bit
  3. The pigpio Library

Thanks for reading this tutorial. If you have any technical inquiry, please post at Cytron Technical Forum.

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