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Bluetooth Mobile Robot wih Maker Drive

In this tutorial, I’ll share with you on how to build a mobile robot using a Maker Drive. Before this we’re using an L298N motor driver and now we’re going to change it to Maker Drive and here are the reasons why:

  1. Easy to troubleshoot with the push button and LED indicator.
  2. Support motor voltage from  2.5V to 9.5VDC
  3. Solid state components provide faster response time and eliminate the wear and tear of mechanical relay
  4. 5V Output (200mA) to power the controller with minimum input voltage of 2.5V.

Hardware Preparation

This tutorial use :

  1. Maker UNO Bluetooth Robot Kit
  2. Maker Drive

You can make the hardware connection based on the diagram and table below.

Maker Drive M1A Maker UNO: Pin 3
Maker Drive M1B Maker UNO: Pin 9
Maker Drive 5V Maker UNO: 5V
Maker Drive GND Maker UNO: GND
Maker Drive M2A Maker UNO: 10
Maker Drive M2B Maker UNO: 11
Bluetooth HC05 : TX Maker UNO: Pin 2
Bluetooth HC05 : RX Maker UNO: Pin 4
Bluetooth HC05 : VCC Maker Drive: 5V
Bluetooth HC05 : GND Maker UNO: GND
Figure 1 : Hardware connection

Sample Code

This is the sample code used for this tutorial. Try it!

Thank you

Thank you for reading this tutorial and we hope it helps your project development. If you have any technical inquiry, please post at Cytron Technical Forum.

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