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Arduino Learning Guide For Beginners

The biggest problem I faced when I wanted to learn Arduino was there are too many documents, learning guides, tutorials flooding around the internet and I had no idea which one to refer to.

Most of the learning guides that claim they were crafted for the beginners are just too surface while most of the time they only show you the schematics, give you the sample codes and tell you what to expect but they do not explain how it works. It is very frustrating for people like me who do not have C-programming background. Although I can achieve the expected results by following the schematic and codes given but I am pretty sure I can’t create my own project after I completed the lessons.

Another problem that I observed was most of the learning guides are created by the techies where things are assumed to be understood.

There is nothing special with the projects that I covered in this learning guide, I just added some notes and reminders on things that I did not understand. I try to simplify the technical part and I hope that at least the beginners benefit from this and enjoy learning Arduino.

I basically covered most of the fundamental topics of a microcontroller (digital I/O, analog I/O) in this 5 lessons (13 projects). Many projects can be done when you know digital I/O and analog I/O. Download the full copy here.


If you are think that these lessons are interesting, suitable for you and would like to learn more, please leave me a message below. I would also love to hear from you if you have any suggestion, question or comments for me.

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