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The 1st Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller Gathering

1st Official Gathering, Between Approved Resellers and Raspberry Pi Foundation

2018 is very special year, not only Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is introduced in March, but all Approved Resellers are invited to a gathering, in Cambridge UK. Yes, Cytron is one of the Approved Resellers and we went there. I will share some disclose-able news and insight in this article πŸ™‚

Event and Venue

This gathering was held at two places, from 2nd to 4th July. We meet and have most of the time at Downing College, Cambridge University. Everyone depart to Wales on 3rd July, visited SONY manufacturing plant the next day and farewell too.

Most of resellers arrived and registered at Downing College on 2nd July, straight from Airport πŸ™‚ This is very special place, Downing College of Cambridge University, UK. The historical architecture of the building amazed us.

Upon register at lobby of Haward Theater, we get our name tag and goodies which include the Magpi, Hackspace and also Hello World. We only realized that all these 3 magazines are from Raspberry Pi Publication division.

Of course we have workshops and met other Raspberry Pi Resellers from all over the world!

What's New?

Well, we are bind to the code of ethics for partners πŸ™‚ Yet, there are some existing news that I will share.


Well, our 1st workshop was with publication team of Raspberry Pi Foundation, and to my surprise they actually publish Hackspace and Hello World besides the well known MagPi (which I share in the earlier part of this post). Hackspace talks about anything related to hacking so the version that we have is about Arduino releasing the new IDE and MRK boards. While Hello World have more coverage on coding and education.

Product Roadmap

I believe everyone is interested in this workshop πŸ™‚ I can leak a little existing news, 2019 will be an existing year for Raspberry Pi fans. Don’t just look at the main board, may also focus in accessories. I am looking forward to seeing more announcements next year.

As we all known, the official Raspberry Pi PoE (Power over Ethernet) HAT was launched end of August this year. We get a sample of this HAT early of July πŸ™‚

Desktop and Operating System

There are many single board computers from competitor released since the 1st Raspberry Pi launched back in February 2012. But despite the effort from competitors, Raspberry Pi is still the most popular SBC among education and industry. We believe the Operating system plays a big role in this trend.

As the team will continue to support and ensure the stability and compatibility of Raspbian for public.

We have discussion on several issues:

  • The process of Raspbian updates – Not as straight forward as compile a code for Arduino πŸ™‚
  • The suitable microSD card for Raspberry Pi or the suitable standard (Class 10? A1? or others)?
  • Drivers for different peripherals on previous, current and future Raspberry Pi board
  • Technical community – Testing and feedback

I guess the most concern issue would be the suitable microSD card for Raspberry Pi, right? To my own surprise, you do not need class 10 microSD for Raspberry Pi. As the main task of microSD card on Raspberry Pi is to store the Operating System, the write speed is not crucial. Yet the reading speed of the microSD is more critical. From the discussion, Raspberry Pi foundation recommend microSD card with class A1. As currently we are getting the microSD from Raspberry Pi foundation, it will be best to get it from hereΒ which is also class A1.

All Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is manufactured in UK?

If you are aware, there are some Raspberry Pi boards being made in China, UK and also Japan. But for the latest Raspberry Pi 3 B+, every single board is and will be made in UK. And the factory that assemble this main board is SONY UK Technology Centre at Wales to be exact.

It was an amazing trip because this SONY factory build the 4K camcoder for the world cup live recording which is happening at the time we visit the premise. Again, due to NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), I cannot share more insights. But they manage to automate and improve yield of manufacturing of Raspberry Pi board πŸ™‚


We gain a lot of insights during this gathering and Raspberry Pi Foundation also assemble valuable feedback from resellers. We will further bring this values to customer all around the world, and we are looking forward for the next gathering. Please do feedback to us if you have any suggestion, in our facebook, or forum.


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