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Configure MySQL Database and Manage Using Adminer on Raspberry Pi


After install LAMP Web Server on Raspberry Pi, you can proceed to configure and manage the database. To manage the database you need a software tool like phpMyAdmin or Adminer. However this tutorial will only cover for Adminer because it has more advantages compare to phpMyAdmin yet easy to install.


This video will show you how to configure MySQL database and manage using Adminer on Raspberry Pi.

Command Line

Run MySQL secure installation at Terminal.

sudo mysql_secure_installation

Run MySQL.

sudo mysql -u root -p

Create the database (mydb is refer to database name).

create database mydb;

Now grant database privileges to the new user.

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON mydb.* TO 'idris'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'idris123';
  • mydb is refer to database name you create before.
  • idris is username (you can write any).
  • idris123 is password (you can write any).

For the changes to take effect, you will need to flush the database privileges.


To exit database configuration.


Restart Apache Web Server.

sudo service apache2 restart

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