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Reading RFid Tag Using Mifare RC522 and Raspberry Pi


RC522 RFID modules are a simple add-on you can connect to a Raspberry Pi to read MIFARE tags and cards. This is potentially a great feature to include in a security system or any application where you need to identify an object or person without them pressing buttons, operating switches or other sensors.


This video shows how to read RFid tag using Mifare RC522 RFid Reader with Raspberry Pi

Hardware Connection

You can refer to the photo and table below for hardware connection. By default, RST pin is defined as pin 22 or GPIO 25 by library provided. However you can connect to any GPIO pins and later edit the pin connection in the library (MFRC552.py).

Mifare RC522 RFID ReaderRaspberry Pi
RSTPin 22 / GPIO 25 (can use any GPIO pins)
IRQNot connected
MISOPin 21 / GPIO 9 (MISO)
MOSIPin 19 / GPIO 10 (MOSI)
SCKPin 23 / GPIO 11 (SCK)
SDAPin 24 / GPIO 8 (CE0)

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  1. RC522 RFID Tag Reading with the Raspberry Pi

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