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Arduino User? You Should Try Raspberry Pi Too!


Do you remember how you program your Arduino board for the first time? Using Scratch? Then you can do the same with Raspberry Pi. Plus you don’t need a PC/laptop because Raspberry Pi itself is a mini computer!

Now is the best time for you to upgrade your knowledge from Arduino to Raspberry Pi! Why? Because we’re preparing a beginner set of Raspberry Pi, and you can learn and build a lot of interesting projects!


Raspberry Pi Card

To ease identifying Raspberry Pi GPIO pins, we create an interesting card for you.

Raspberry Pi Beginner Set

The Raspberry Pi Beginner Kit is the simplest and fun way to learn the Raspberry Pi

  • Learn through building projects –26 interesting projects (Refer to the listing project here)
  • Follow the projects according to your experience level (11 beginners, 9 intermediate & 6 advances). You can upgrade yourself while building the projects.
  • Projects compiled from THE RaspberryPi.org and all the parts are prepared for you to build these awesome projects.
  • This kit comes with the latest and most powerful Raspberry Pi (as of Aug 18) – the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and 25 accessories.
  • Once you completed the projects, you can start to use the knowledge gained to build your own projects with all these parts.

Below is the list of board or components included in Raspberry Pi Beginner Set.

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