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Getting Started with 4 Channel Motor Driver and Arduino


4 Channel DC Motor Driver, FD04A is special designed to drive four DC brush motors. It can be used to drive more than two motors which is needed on Omni drive mobile robot. It offers low cost and easy to use – with minimum interface the board is ready for driving motor with direction, start, stop and speed control.


In this video we will show you how to get start with 4 Channel DC Motor Driver and Maker UNO (Arduino Uno compatible).

Hardware Connection

This tutorial uses:

  1. 4 Channel Motor Driver
  2. Maker UNO
  3. SPG30-XX*
  4. DC Geared Motor Bracket (SPG30/SPG50)
  5. LiPo Rechargeable Battery 11.1V 2200mAH

You can make connection based on the table below.

Power +Battery +ve
Power –Battery -ve
Motor 1 AMotor 1
Motor 1 BMotor 1
Motor 2 AMotor 2
Motor 2 BMotor 2
Motor 3 AMotor 3
Motor 3 BMotor 3
Motor 4 AMotor 4
Motor 4 BMotor 4
1 – Motor 1 DirectionMaker UNO pin 4
2 – Motor 1 EnableMaker UNO pin 3
3 – Motor 2 DirectionMaker UNO pin 5
4 – Motor 2 EnableMaker UNO pin 9
5 – Motor 3 DirectionMaker UNO pin 6
6 – Motor 3 EnableMaker UNO pin 10
7 – Motor 4 DirectionMaker UNO pin 7
8 – Motor 4 EnableMaker UNO pin 11
V – Output 5VMaker UNO pin 5V*
G – GNDMaker UNO pin GND

*Please disconnect 5V connection when you want to connect your Maker UNO to PC/laptop.

Sample code

This is sample code used in the video. You can edit it for your application.

Thank you

Thanks for reading this tutorial. If you have any technical questions, please post at our technical forum.  😉

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[…] Getting Started with 4 Channel Motor Driver and Arduino […]

ello can it use for RC remote controller..

Is this code compatible with the Arduino mega if I add 4 servo objects?

Can i use this with my Raspberry Pi 3 model b v.1.2?

Hi, yes you can. For further technical questions, you can post at Cytron Technical Forum. Thanks.

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