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Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd (“Cytron”) has today inked a Collaboration Agreement with Makestro to provide enterprises, businesses, Maker Community, students, IoT developers and hobbyist with the essential Internet of Things (IoT) building blocks through an online marketplace, which was soft-launched today as Cytron IoT Marketplace.

The marketplace is basically an online shop where people could access and buy the components to create their own IoT. It also have a huge collection of tutorial and offer series of hands-on workshops to help the customers with the components. With more than 2000 selection of buildings blocks and a huge collection of tutorials on how to assemble the IoT project, it definitely eases the process of creating an IoT solution. Ober Choo, Cytron Technologies Technical Director described the marketplace as an online tool shelves. “The marketplace is like an online tool shelves for you to build your next IoT product. Think of what you need to complete your project, pick it from our shelves and you can have it. All in one site.”

Figure 1 : Signing Ceremony between Makestro and Cytron Technologies

The signing ceremony was held earlier today at the Bandung Digtal Valley, Bandung in conjunction with the Republic of IoT; a 5 days event which gathered IoT community for seminars and a 24-hours hackaton. The MOU was signed by Mr. Andri Yadi, Chief Executive Officer of Dycode and Mr. Ober Choo, Technical Director for Cytron. The hardware kit uses during Hackathon was collaboration between Cytron marketplace, Atilze Digital Sdn. Bhd. And Makestro. The Hackathon was also officiated by Bapak Rudiantara, The minister of Kementrian Komunikasi dan Informasi of Indonesia was also present during the event.

Figure 2 : Hackathon hardware kit

The strategic partnership between Cytron and Makestro has broaden the synergy of Cytron Marketplace to this region. In his launching speech, Ober Choo announced special promotion for their customers in Indonesia. The promotions are 10% discount for all Raspberry Pi Boards and accessories (except for the Zero Series) and free shipping for customers whose purchase is above than 100USD.

Cytron IoT Marketplace launched with three missions; educate, enable and accelerate. The marketplace objective is to educate the community with IoT related skills through tutorial and courses. It also meant to enable the community to get the components and accelerate the process of turning the IoT solution prototype into commercial products. “We aim that this marketplace will democratize the IoT building blocks to everyone, equip the community with skills to assemble IoT, and be the platform which help them to share their excellent creation with the world” says Ober Choo.

 This event is sponsored by :

  • Intel Technology
  • Kominfo (Ministry of Communication and Informatics)
  • Telkom Indonesia
  • MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation)
  • Autodesk Inc. Corporation
  • Atilze Digital Sdn. Bhd.
  • Silterra
  • GE (General Electric)
Figure 3 : Sponsors of the event

Without their supports, this event wouldn’t be a reality. This collaboration is initiated to increase awareness and promote the use of IoT in Indonesia. Cytron welcomes all companies to join their network.


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