#mydigitalmaker Holiday Programme 2017: IoT Home Security System with ESPresso Lite V2.0

My name is Gayatri. I am 17 years old. I am studying at SMK Taman Sejahtera. I was assigned for #mydigitalmaker Holiday Programme 2017 at Cytron Technologies, and this is my project called IoT Home Security System with ESPresso Lite V2.0.

Last Updated on 14 June 2017
This article is written by Gayathri Gunasekaran


My name is Gayatri. I am 17 years old. I am studying at SMK Taman Sejahtera. I started programming when I was 14. I entered several competitions and have won a few of them. I joined #mydigitalmaker movement when I was 16. The programme taught me the importance of digital making and they created the platform for the youngsters to begin. They prepared internship for us at a few companies so that we can experience the real working experience. I was assigned at Cytron Technologies, a very great company and even it is only 2 weeks I learned a lot about electronics as I hoped when I knew that I am going to be an intern at Cytron. I am very thankful for the opportunity and all the experiences and also knowledge that I got from this programme.

Note: If you have any question regarding this article, you can email me at gayathrisekaran858@gmail.com. Thanks! 🙂


Have you ever feel worried about the safety of your house when you go out for family outing and nobody at house? Don’t worry anymore! Here I present to you a simple project that you can do and use to keep your house safe when you are not there. How it works? When the distance sensor detects someone, it will immediately send a message to your smartphone. And you can prevent something from getting robbed at your house.



Arduino IDE



  1. Solder Espresso Lite v2.0 with the headers provided.
  2. After gathering all the components that you needed, you can set up your circuit. You may refer the Circuit Diagram for the connections.


  1. Install Espert IoT Mobile App in your smartphone and sign up.
  2. Go to ESPert.io and log in with the same username and password.
  3. Click on ‘My Smartphone’ on top left. Select the ‘lighting symbol that’s in green colour’ on the Action column.
  4. After you open it, there will be some numbers at the link. Copy the numbers because you will use it in your coding later on.


  1. Open the sample code given and change the channel’s espert smartphone key first. Paste the numbers that you have already copied before into the coding.
  1. Refer to Getting Started for ESPresso Lite v2.0 to set up the WiFi connection and also the board and library setup in the Arduino Software.
  2. Before uploading the code, you need to disconnect pin 02 (led) first since it will interrupt your uploading process later on.
  3. You can upload the coding now.
  4. After done uploading, you have to connect back the pin 02 so that the led will light up.
  5. You need to switch on the main switch to make the whole system operates.
  6. If the Infrared sensor detect ‘someone’, you will get a message from the ESPert IoT Mobile App.
  7. You can know if there is an intruder at your house and can immediately prevent something from getting stolen from your house.



How the project works:


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