Introducing 30A Dual Channel DC Motor Driver with Smart Features – SmartDriveDuo-30

Good news to combat robot lovers! We just release a new 30A dual channel motor driver with smart features, called SmartDriveDuo-30. Check it out!

Last Updated on 6 June 2017

Welcome the new member of our SmartDriveDuo series, SmartDriveDuo-30 – 30A Dual Channel DC Motor Driver (MDDS30). This time the outlook is quite different from before: Stronger, more compact and handsome.

SmartDriveDuo-30 is one of the latest smart series motor drivers designed to drive medium power brushed DC motors, each channel capable of 80A peak (few seconds) or 30A continuously. The driver is designed specially for controlling differential drive mobile robots with an RC controller. Nevertheless, the SmartDriveDuo-30 also can be controlled using an analog joystick or a microcontroller (PWM, Serial). MOSFETs are switched at 18kHz to ensure quiet operation without annoying whining noises. It also equipped with a microcontroller to provide smart features such as multiple input modes, current limiting and thermal protection.

A common application of the SmartDriveDuo-30 is its RC mode.

Features of SmartDriveDuo-30:

  • Bi-directional control for dual brushed DC motor.
  • Support motor voltage from 7V to 35VDC.
  • Maximum current up to 80A peak (1 second), 30A continuously, each channel.
  • On board MOSFETs are switched at 18kHz for quiet operation.
  • Battery low voltage indicator.
  • Battery over voltage indicator.
  • Thermal protection.
  • Current limit protection.NEW
  • Multiple input modes: RC, Analog/PWM, Serial Simplified and Serial Packetized.
  • GROVE compatible connectors for control input.NEW
  • RC (Radio Control) friendly connectors.
  • On board push buttons for fast test and manual operation.
  • On board LED indicators for Error, RUN, Over current, motor output, for each channel.
  • Dimension: 81.28mm (W) x 101.60mm (L) x 42mm (H)


  • SmartDriveDuo-30 is not equipped with polarity protection for power connection. Please double check your wiring before power up the board.
  • Using DC power supply only may damage the driver, use battery instead. For more information, please refer to the SmartDriveDuo-30 User’s Manual.

If you have further questions, please go to our technical forum as we seldom check the comment here. Thanks and have a good day!

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