MP3 Shield vs Easy MP3 Shield


MP3 Shield is an Arduino compatible shield, it can be used with Arduino UNO, Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo ,CT ARM and other boards with similar pin layouts. Furthermore, it has stackable side headers which allows even more Arduino shields to be stacked on top of it, such as adding a LCD Keypad Shield (SHIELD-LCD) or Graphic LCD Shield (SHIELD-GLCD) control panel.

Additionally, it offers high quality audio solution with the ability to decode and play MP3 audio files directly from its microSD card slot. It also has an on board 2-channel differential amplifier to directly drive external speakers.


Easy Mp3 Shield basically has the same features like the normal mp3 shield. However, it also provides easy and stable UART interface for users to communicate with MP3 module using Arduino boards. Basic MP3 player functions such as play and pause, increase or decrease volume etc  can be easily given through UART by using the provided library. Or, you can just use the 3 onboard push buttons  to give the commands directly without using UART. How awesome is that? 

(Default settings for the UART connection is 9600 kbps baudrate, 8 bit data, 1 stop bit and no parity.)


MicroSD Card


Earphones or soldering speakers





Beware guys! Since Easy MP3 shield is different with the previous MP3 shield, the libraries are not compatible with each other. Make sure you pick the correct one to avoid future misfortunes!


  • The process of getting started on both shields are surprisingly similar. Know just how one of them works will greatly help in setting up the other.
  • Here guides on using the Easy MP3 Shield and MP3 Shield.



In MP3 Shield, you need to set up a few things on serial monitor before you can play your songs but with Easy MP3 Shield, you can compile and upload straight away – as easy as that! 🙂

Moreover, for EasyMP3 Shield, we do not need to put sta13.cfg file inside your microSD card to initialize the MP3 shield, like we do on the normal MP3 Shield. Talk about convenience.

EasyMP3 Shield MP3 Shield
Do not need sta013.cfg file Need sta013.cfg file
Have buttons onboard

i. Play/Pause

ii. Prev/Vol-

iii. Next/Vol+

Does not have buttons
RM68.90  RM87.98

We can clearly see that Easy MP3 is more user friendly and practical compared to MP3 Shield. All in all, Easy MP3 offers simplicity whilst the other gives you the satisfaction working on the codes. So, which do you prefer? MP3 Shield or Easy MP3 Shield?

Okay guys, that’s all. If you have any question, feel free to ask in our technical forum as we seldom check the tutorial’s comment section.  Thank you for reading! I hope you gained something from this tutorial!


Provided are two user manual for both MP3 Shield and Easy MP3 Shield for your references and guidelines.




2 thoughts on “MP3 Shield vs Easy MP3 Shield”

  1. I have a question. Can you like loop the sounds? I mean it plays a clip and when the clip finshes it starts again.

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