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Let ESPresso thingSpeak for You

In this tutorial, we will demonstrat how to sync Espert.io with ThingSpeak app. ESPert is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform that allows us to develop our own connected solutions easily and affordably.

This simple tutorial will let you get familiar with Thingspeak and after that you can play around with as it provides lots of exciting options that you can further explore.



  1.  Install ESPert IoT Mobile App.
  2. Create ESPert account.

3. Login to your ESPert.io account on your computer.

4. Go to MySmartphone >> Under action, click on 9.

5. It will show the key number on your URL.

6. Copy the whole URL.

7. After that, create Thingspeak account.

8. On Apps, go to ThingHTTP. Click New ThingHTTP button. We also will be using TimeControl after this.

9. Paste URL that you copied earlier on ESPert.io into URL box.

Example URL: http://www.espert.io/MySmartphone/sendkey=xxx


10. Now, go to TimeControl.

11. You will receive whatever message that you put on ThingHTTP URL earlier on your smartphone using ESPert IoT Mobile App. Recurrently, according to your timer setup.



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