Lights Up Your Twitterland! :)

In case you are wondering about the title, let me elaborate further on what this project is all about. This project will require you to have a Twitter account in order for you to synchronize to rainbowstrip.

If you have not heard of Espresso Lite yet, then you should check it out now. This awesome device uses the ESP8266 chipset as the main micro-controller and supports the Arduino environment. This project is based on this device.

We will also be using Cheerlight project by Hans Scharler for light synchronization across the world by just using Twitter platform.




  1. First, you need to connect Espresso Lite board to USB converter.
  2. Then, connect them with rainbow strip. Make sure you connect with the correct pins.
Espresso Lite V2.0 Rainbow Strip
Vin Vin
Pin 2 Din

3. Now, if you never use Espresso Lite before, you have to install them  first.

Go to File >> Preferences and paste this link on board URL and click OK.


4. Next, go to Tools >> Board >> Board Manager and install  esp8266 by ESP8266 Community latest version.


5. Then go to board and click on Espresso Lite V2.0.

6.  After that, go to Sketch >> Include Library >>Manage Library, search the library below and install it.

7. Copy and paste this code into Arduino sketch.

8. Input your Wifi network and password.


9. Compile and upload.

10. Open serial monitor.

11. Open your Twitter. Mention @cheerlights and tweet whatever color you want.

12. Notice the changes! 


Now let me tell you something cool. You can sync whatever color you tweet with your RainbowStrip, smartphone and your laptop. Just install the apps and browser extension here. And those color will cause a chain reaction to all of those who install it wherever they are in the world!



Credits to Marc de Vinck from Adafruit and Hans Scharler from Cheerlights 

Adafruit- Feather Huzzah CheerLights


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