Hi everyone, great news! Cytron Technologies has brought you the latest version of the MP3 Shield, the EasyMP3 Shield! This MP3 shield is very easy to use, all you have to do is  plug and play. 

Despite its features, we love it because the MP3 decoder can access your MP3 files directly on the microSD card, freeing up the Arduino’s proccessor for other tasks even as the MP3 is being played. Awesome!





Earphone/External Speakers with soldering






  1. Stack up the shield onto the CT ARM board as shown in the picture below. psstt: I was using ct arm but feel free to use any other pin compatible boards like ct uno, genuino uno or genuino mega                                       DSC_0227_opt

2. Put on audio devices of your choice such as earphones or speakers to EasyMP3 Shield with CT ARM.








You need to download the SdFat file first and put it in ‘root directory‘ of your microSD card.

3. Manage storage files

Create a folder named “MP3” in root directory of your microSD card and store all files into it. EasyMP3 shield supports MP3 and WAV file decoding.


4. To play the file accordingly using Arduino sketches, you can rename the file with one of the following options.

For example: to play “ABC”.mp3 in mp3 folder as your first track, rename the file to either:

  1. 0001.mp3
  2. 0001ABC.mp3
  3. 0001_ABC.mp3



However, if you want your playlist in shuffle mode, you don’t need to put that ‘0001’, ‘0002’ ….in front of the title.

5. Select D2 for RX and D3 for TX pin for your UART selector.


6. Download Cytron EasyMP3 Shield Library from link and extract the files to Documents>Arduino>Libraries.


7. Connect both board and shield together with microSD card to your PC.


8. Open Arduino IDE. Determine which COM port CT ARM is connected to and configure the port settings under menu Tools > Port. In this tutorial, I was using  port 9. 


9. If you are using CT ARM for the first time, please go through steps shown below. If you already installed it in your computer, you can skip to step 10.

  • On Arduino IDE, go to File > Preferences, paste this link at ‘Additional Boards Manager URLs’
  • preference
  • Click OK, then go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager… Find Cytron ARM Boards and click Install. It will take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed.

board arm

  • After the installation complete, you should find CT-ARM listed under Tools > Board. Select CT-ARM.


10. Then, go to File -> Examples -> CytronEasyMP3 and open example sketch PlayATrack. Compile and upload.


11. Open and set up Arduino Serial Monitor with 9600 baud rate.  Now you are free to do anything with this player, you can select volume up and down, skipping or pause songs by just pressing those cute tiny buttons on the Easymp3 shield’s board. Have fun! 



That is all for this tutorial! If you have any question, feel free to ask in our technical forum as we seldom check the tutorial’s comment section. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Getting Started? Let’s Try EZMP3 Shield :D”

  1. Hi,
    I am looking for mp3 shield which can monitor serial data from a devise which sending ascii characters, character “~” will trigger MP3 shield to pull the mp3 file from SD card and run it, like “~1” to run mp3 file with sequence # 1 in SD card

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