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Media Release
4th March 2016

ESPresoo Lite V2 Package
Espert Pte Ltd (ESPert) has officially announced a strategic partnership agreement with Penang- based Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd (Cytron). Cytron will manufacture and distribute ESPert’s latest product, the ESPresso Lite V2.0 in Southeast Asia and other international markets. The ESPresso Lite V2.0 is an inexpensive Arduino-compatible Wi-Fi development board that allow novice learners and makers to build their IoT projects quickly and easily. A pre-order sales was launched last month, with the product expected to reach their customers by mid-March.

ESPresso Lite production
“We are extremely proud to be associated with ESPert and is honoured to in the position to be involved with building upstream Internet-of-Things (IoT) hardware that will benefit many novice or non-tech users” said Ober Choo, Technical Director for Cytron.

William Hooi, CEO & co-founder of ESPert said, “We are excited to be partnering with Cytron to manufacture our product for the Southeast Asian market and beyond. In the short time we have worked together to build the ESPresso Lite V2.0, we can see their dedication to quality and innovative practices, values which both companies shared and aligned.

“The synergy between ESPert and Cytron is demonstrated by Cytron providing considerable expertise in improving the design of an earlier product, the ESPresso Lite (beta). Their engineers were able to solve many tricky problems that we were not able to do so.” explained William.

Espert+Cytron in Penang
ESPert will also be announcing further development about the company’s product roadmap and plans during the upcoming International IoT Day on 9 April 2016.

For more information please contact:
Lionel Chok
Chief Marketing Officer
Espert Pte Ltd

Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian engineering company that specialises in full-stack robotics development and manufacturing house that produces advanced controllers and parts in the educational robotics field. Their most popular key product is ReRo, a reconfigurable robotic construction kit.
ESPert is a Singapore-based technology company that market custom-built IoT development platform through their integrated hardware, cloud and mobile app infrastructure.

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