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Tutorial on Soldering Breakoutboards to the Micro Metal Gearmotor!!

Hi everyone!! Today, we would like to share guideline on soldering Breakout boards to the Micro Metal Gearmotor.

BB-SPG10 with motorHardware required:

1)Breakout boards for SPG10

2)Micro Metal Gearmotor

3)Soldering gun


    1. If you look carefully on the Micro Metal Gearmotor, there would be two signs, showing the positive and negative terminals.Picture1
    2. Same goes for the breakout board. In addition, on the breakout board of SPG10 there is positive sign label as shown in the figure below. This sign is designed as an indicator to assist the user in breakout board placement on the micro metal gear motor.bbspg10
    3. Carefully place the Breakout boards for SPG10 by following the signs on the Micro Metal Gearmotor.
    4. Make sure that you follow the indication to avoid soldering in a wrong order.
    5. Make sure the breakout boards is attached firmly to the Micro Metal GearmotorDSC08111-e1456187009180-400x400
    6. Only then solder the breakout boards and Micro Metal Gearmotor.
      BB-SPG10 with motor

If you have any inquiry/feedback, please post to Cytron technical forum as we seldom check the tutorial’s comment section. Thanks.


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