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Getting Started With Cytron G15 Shield (Rev 2.0)

Hi, today, I would like to share a tutorial on how to get start with Cytron G15 Shield (Rev 2.0) with Arduino.

Cytron G15 Shield setup


1. Cytron G15 Shield
2. CT UNO or Arduino Uno
3. G15 Cube Servo + USB Micro B Cable
4. Adapter 12V
5. USB Micro B Cable for CT UNO or USB B Type Cable for Arduino Uno


Arduino IDE


1. Setup hardware as shown at the top page. Then set the communication pin. For this tutorial, I will use pin D3 as transmit, D2 as receive and D8 for G15 control.

Cytron G15 Shield IO select

2. Download Cytron G15 Shield library using Arduino IDE. Click Sketch – Include Library – Manage Libraries… and search for “Cytron”.


3. Click on Cytron G15 Shield and install it. Once complete, you can see a list of examples under Cytron G15 Shield.


4. Now, try to upload Positioning example to test your G15. Your G15 should give some reaction ūüôā
5. If you are not sure your G15’s ID and baudrate, you can upload FactoryReset example to reset G15’s parameter back to its original factory setting. By default, G15’s ID is 1 and baudrate is 19200bps.

P/S: If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our technical forum as we seldom check the tutorial’s comment section. Thank you. Have a nice day.


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