Raspberry PI Casing C/W Fan (White)



Raspberry PI Casing C/W Fan (White) is the perfect casing for Raspberry Pi 3 model B. Give your Raspberry full protection while still having all the ports available for connection:
  • HDMI, USB, GPIO, camera, SD card, Audio jack and Ethernet port.
It’s a snap and fit casing, so no screws are needed! The coolest feature is that it comes with a brushless fan to cool the processor, what more can you ask for? 


  • White color
  • Full cover of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Come with brushless fan for cooling purpose
  • Snap and fit, no screw needed
  • Dimension (w x l x h): 93mm x 62mm x 28mm 
  • Weight: ~50 gram

How to apply with Raspberry Pi?

We are going to show you how to assemble the Raspberry Pi 2 into the casing.

1) First, connect the connector of fan into the GPIO port and make sure that the pin of the connector is facing inside.

DSC08941Note: Plug into the second and third pin of first row of GPIO port like shown in the picture. Please make sure the fan’s polarity is correct.


2) After connect the fan, put Raspberry Pi 3 into another casing (no fan).

Note: Make sure that all the USB port are align with the casing.


3) Close the Raspberry Pi 3 casing. You need to push a little bit to make sure the slot are snap correctly.


How To Dismantle

You can easily dismantle the casing by pushing the two side of the casing like shown.

DSC07222             DSC07224

That is simple tutorial on installing or dismantling the casing  For further inquiry kindly visit our technical forum as we seldomly check the comment in the tutorial. 

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