Robot Games is here, Dataran Gemilang, Putrajaya

Well, we are here, you can come for test run, soldering workshop and talk to our staff! Everyone is welcome.


We have moved into the biggest tent at the center. Anyhow, the game field area can only accommodate the players of that particular match.  


Test run, test run and test run!


We bring 90% of our human resources to setup and help in this event, we would really like to thanks all our staff that contribute their time and energy especially during weekend to make this event success. Not to forget the volunteer that helped us too. Thanks a millions.

Let’s go through the photos, for more photos, do visit our flickr account here.

This is during soldering section, you will get a PCB with blinking LEDs for free after you solder!! Yes, for FREE!

This is the PCB.

During registration. We get more than 120 teams registered for for 3 categories. That is awesome!

Now, the robot games, let’s start with Kung Fu robot:

The kids like rero too 🙂

Next robot game is the survivor robot:

Last but not least the Tunnel Escape Robot:

Of course the happy face of winners!





Here are the results:

See you next year!! Nop, maybe end of this year, we will have another robot games at Penang, stay tuned!

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