Arduino boards, uncertified manufacturer?

*BTW, if you are using CT-UNO, please ignore this tutorial. CT-UNO does not have compatibility issue with any version of the Arduino IDE 🙂

* Updated on 16 May 2015, with the Arduino IDE v1.6.4, the message of “Uncertified Manufacturer” disappeared. So do download it here 🙂

As you might have know, Arduino vs Arduino, the Arduino team is splitting off into two companies. Currently there are and, both are original Arduino suppliers. 

This is website, it looks like this when I visit today. 

cc website


And this is how looks like:

org website


Quote from Hackaday: Arduino v Arduino Part II

Arduino LLC is the company founded by [Massimo Banzi], [David Cuartielles], [David Mellis], [Tom Igoe] and [Gianluca Martino] in 2009 and is the owner of the Arduino trademark and gave us the designs, software, and community support that’s gotten the Arduino where it is. The boards were manufactured by a spinoff company, Smart Projects Srl, founded by the same [Gianluca Martino]. So far, so good.

Things got ugly in November when [Martino] and new CEO [Federico Musto] renamed Smart Projects to Arduino Srl and registered (which is arguably a better domain name than the old Whether or not this is a trademark infringement is waiting to be heard in the Massachussetts District Court.

According to this Italian Wired article, the cause of the split is that [Banzi] and the other three wanted to internationalize the brand and license production to other firms freely, while [Martino] and [Musto] at the company formerly known as Smart Projects want to list on the stock market and keep all production strictly in the Italian factory.

Naturally, a lot of the original Arduino’s Open Source Hardware credentials and ethos are hanging in the balance, not to mention its supply chain and dealer relationships. However the trademark suit comes out, we’re guessing it’s only going to be the first in a series of struggles. Get ready for the Arduino wars.

Today, when one of our engineers downloaded Arduino IDE v1.6.1 from and uses with the original Arduino UNO board that we bought from Italy, a message appears that it is Arduino UNO besides the com port number which is nice! But there is extra message saying it is uncertified, Why?

*BTW, if you are using CT-UNO, please ignore this tutorial. CT-UNO does not have compatibility issue with any version of the Arduino IDE 🙂

New Port

 When you upload sketch, there is message poping up before the uploading process started. It reads:“This board comes from uncertified manufacturer. We wouldn’t be able to provide any support if it doesn’t works as expected.”

new upload




Anyway after click OK, the upload process proceed and Arduino UNO executes program as expected. But this sound serious. Cytron is purchasing and selling original Arduino board including UNO, Leornado and Mega from Italy ( all the while. We produce Cytron version of Arduino UNO and name it CT-UNO. We did not voilate any terms and conditions by Arduino. So I checked with Cytron’s purchasing department while searching the Internet for similar cases. Purchasing department confirm that we are purchasing from Italy Arduino all this while and never change supplier. We are still the official distributor in website:

cc distributor


Anyway to verify the problem, we get some older Arduino UNO board and tested, some does not have the “uncertified” message, some have! We have also verified it under Arduino IDE v1.6.0 (older version), there is no such message either on old or new board. 

This is the Arduino IDE v1.6.1 with older (few months ago) Arduino UNO. It looks nice and load without problem!

cc uno on 1-6-1


This is all the original Arduino UNO (Older or new) that we have on Arduino IDE v1.6.0. It does not show “Arduino UNO” side to COM41, but there is no “uncertified” message. The sketch compiled and loaded without problem into both older and new Arduino UNO. So it is because Arduino IDE version?

1-6-0 IDE with Org


We are not alone. Searching Internet reveal more information, the whole wide world is having the same problem! From Hackaday: Arduino v Arduino part II shows more information. Quoted from the article:

Finally, the story takes a slightly cheeky turn in the most recent version of the Arduino IDE, released on March 10. As of version 1.6.1, there’s been a patch to the Arduino codebase that pops up a warning dialog when an “Arduino” with the USB Vendor ID (VID) 0x2A03 is flashed. The pop-up message reads “This board comes from an uncertified manufacturer. We won’t be able to provide any support if it doesn’t work as expected.”

You may not be surprised that USB VID 0x2A03 belongs to “dog hunter AG”.  The Arduino IDE pops up the “uncertified manufacturer” warning any time that this VID is used, on any board type. Conspicuously missing in all of this are any of the VIDs in use by the various other counterfeit “Arduino” boards running around out there. Either there are too many of them to address directly, or this is a targeted, tactical strike against the Arduino SRL camp.

If you don’t have a board with VID 0x2A03, you can see the changes to the IDE on GitHub for the commit “Added warning for uncertified boards“.  Scroll on down to the changes to the file “hardware/arduino/avr/boards.txt” and you’ll see what’s going on. (And smile if you don’t have to code in Java for a living: nearly 600 lines of code added just to implement a simple pop-up dialog!)

Apparently, at least a couple of people with an UNO and a Mega256 have seen the warning and claim to have bought their devices through reputable retailers, including Mouser.

From my understanding, is handling the production of Arduino board, they are producing Arduino boards and sell on The production team setup another company and register their website at They can still produce and sell the Arduino board. But since most of the software and designs are from earlier team which currently at, and to let the whole world know about the fighting, released another version of Arduino IDE that detect PID/VID of Arduino UNO from, further pop up a special message. Older IDE will not detect the VID/PID on Arduino IDE, thus there is no issue.

To verify further, I visited both and download page (Where Arduino IDE is downloaded). The has release Arduino IDE v1.6.1, while is using Arduino v1.0.6.2 and I believe this is’s version of modified Arduino IDE. released Arduino IDE v1.6.1

cc download page using Arduino IDE v1.0.6.2

org download page


Anyway, if you get “uncertified” message, do not worry, this is the fight between two companies, the boards from Cytron are original, ignore the message and use it as normal Arduino board. Or you can use Arduino IDE v1.6.0 if you don’t like to see the message.

As for Arduino logo and trademark ownership, they will take sometime to settle.

How can you know whether your Arduino is from or Let’s have a look. I have taken a few Arduino UNO box, also the board from RnD and sales to do comparison. Let me share the differences.


Here is the top view of both Arduino UNO box (left is UNO from, right is from



The bottom view (left is UNO from, right is from, do you notice where I highlight it with red color? There is ARDUINO.CC vs ARDUINO.ORG

box bottom


How about the PCB or the actual Arduino UNO board?

This is the view from top layer of PCB, left is UNO from, right is from No difference!!



This is view of PCB bottom layer,  left is UNO from, right is from Did you see what I highlighted in red color? Yup, if you see ARDUINO.CC, you are getting the board from design team and it should not have “uncertified” message from Arduino IDE v1.6.1. 

bottom PCB


Again, as I highlighted, both are original boards from Arduino Italy, just they split up and having conflict, for now! There is also discussion in Arduino forum.

We do not see any compatibility issue and we will update you update from time to time! 

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