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Cytron Uno Starter Kit Book


Hi everyone, Happy New Year! We hope it is not too late to wish happy new year for 2015. If you are newbie in microcontroller, how about to start learning this year? We have offer Cytron Uno Starter Kit at RM99.00 only! (for online purchase). Plus, we have prepare a free e-book (Cytron Uno Starter Kit Book V1.0) for you to start exploring. Here are the list of lessons and projects inside the book:

Cytron UNO Book


1. LED Blinking
3. Create Melody with Piezo
4. 7 Segment Display
5. Serial Display on Computer
6. Push Button as Digital Input
7. Potentiometer as Analog Input
8. Light Dependent Resistor
9. Temperature Sensor


1. Interactive Traffic Light
2. Temperature Alarm
3. Light Theremin

This book offers a basic step on how to start and utilize all the component inside the Cytron Uno Starter Kit. You can download it and print it for your reference. So, enjoy it!

Wait, do you think we should make a printed book for this? What do you think? Let us know. 🙂


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Dear sir:
How to make a simple contoller that make a stepper motor move forward and backward,speeding is not
The voltage vechile is 24v, the stepper motor is 6v.
Hope you could reply .

Fok sunwah.

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