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Repairing CuteDuino Bootloader

In case of having a broken bootloader, this tutorial will help you how to repair/fix it. You can use Arduino UNO or CT UNO (will launch soon) to be a programmer to your CuteDuino. I will using CT UNO as a Arduino ISP.


1. CuteDuino.
2. Arduino UNO.
3. Male to Male Jumper Wire.
4. Breadboard.
*The hardware setup as below.


> CuteDuino 5V connect to Arduino 5V.
> CuteDuino GND connect to Arduino GND.
> CuteDuino R connect to Arduino 10.
> CuteDuino 0 connect to Arduino 11.
> CuteDuino 1 connect to Arduino 12.
> CuteDuino 2 connect to Arduino 13.


Please refer to Modify Arduino IDE for CuteDuino tutorial.


1. Connect jumper as shown in hardware setup. Connect USB cable to UNO board.
2. Make your Arduino UNO / CT UNO to be Arduino ISP. How? Open Arduino IDE and open ArduinoISP example, choose Arduino UNO as a board and select corresponding COM port. Then upload to your UNO board.
3. In Arduino IDE, change “Board” to Cuteduino and “Programmer” to Arduino as ISP.
4. Go to “Tools” and click Burn Bootloader. It will takes about 20 seconds and during this time you will see the LED on UNO board keep flashing like having a party!
5. Done.
*If fail, close the Arduino IDE, disconnect the USB cable, double check the jumper connection. Then repeat from step 1.



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