TM! Now we really love you :)

Not to forget the people that helped us too.

After I wrote the article about Internet service at our new factory area back in March 2014 with the title of “TM, we love you, but you are killing us“, now we are really happy with UniFi service of 10Mbps, and new phone lines for telephone and fax!

After the release of article in March, a friend who works in TM approaches us. It seem there is some discussion going on between TM, developer and PDC (Penang Development Center) Telecommunication Services. He is not sure what is the discussion and when can we get the service in our area. Anyway, with some helps, we manage to identify the authorities that might be the right parties for us to engage. Without further delays, we wrote a letter to Developer (company that developed our factory) and also chairman of PDC Telecommunication Service, highlighting the problem we have and of course with the hope to get broadband and landline service up in our area, as soon as possible.

Well, both parties do listen to us. After a month or so, TM contacted us bringing great news! The UniFi fiber optic service will soon be installed at our factory area and we are able to enjoy the fast and reliable broadband + phone line service soon.

Mid of May, TM contractor is installing the fiber cable and as expected, we are thrilled with the progress.

On 21st of May, the UniFi contactor came to install UniFi in our factory. Thanks to them, now we are enjoying stable and fast Internet service, and we are using two new phone numbers for customer to call and fax. Now our new phone and fax are:

Tel: +604-504 1878
Fax: +604-504 0138

We appreciate the effort taken by many parties, we will do our parts to serve customer better and faster.

We would really want to thank:

  • PDC Telecommunication Services
  • Our Developer
  • TM
  • TM’s contractor
  • Friends and those that help us in the process to get UniFi
  • Our customer that being patient with our phone line and fax problem

Thanks TM, now we really love you! We also pray for those that in need for this service to get it soon. Let’s work together for a better Malaysia.

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