TM, we love you, but you’re killing us!

Another article is being published on 29 May 2014, where we have the UniFi service 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, we love TM, many of us sign-up for Streamyx and UniFi. I use it every day, just something to share it out 🙂

Before we move Cytron’s Head Quarter to Penang, we started to setup the necessary facilities for business to run smoothly. Especially the fundamental utility which includes water and electricity, not to forget a phone line for in and out phone calls, and most important – Internet!

Yeah! The in house phone line and distribution are well prepared by the developer, but TM does not install an operating/extension hub at this new factory site. We started to fill in form for inquiry to have land line and streamyx package in the early of 2013 (We moved HQ to Penang around July 2013), hoping to get a fix land line by the time we move in 🙂 We called TM every week hoping to get good news, but it is always “no news”.

We are forced to get other boardband service provider one month before we move in. As you might have known, there are several options:

  • P*
  • Ye*
  • Max*
  • Celc*
  • Di*
  • Umobi*
  • Tim*

And the list goes on and on……. Finally, we choose one which has relatively reliable network speed and stable connection, with only 1 Mbps but no quota on the usage. Frankly, we can barely work with 3 engineers (at that time) searching Internet for datasheet, User’s Manual, youtube, replying inquiry, and not to forget sending emails with attachments by the speed of 1 Mbps only. Sorry, I forgot we have also sales team to process the online orders. Oh, did I mention? Our phone service is also extracted from the wireless broadband modem, of course this will take up the data bandwidth too.

The struggle goes on for months and we never stop contacting TM for land line solution and finally we are filled with hopes when TM clarify that there will not be any normal fix line in our area. Instead, this new factory area is being planned to have UniFi, the fiber optic solution. Well, that is super good news. With Fiber optic, we are able to get better performance with stable connection and high speed broadband; of course it includes phone number too. That would be a perfect solution, so when can we get it up and running? There is no firm answer when will TM install the UniFi fiber optic solution, looking at the surrounding area, it will take months and even years to get it 🙁 We are again out of solution for Internet and phone communication.

Anyway, since we need another line for fax, we get another wireless broadband provider, with limited quota for data, but higher speed. So now we have a phone line with 1 Mbps of broadband speed (unlimited quota for data), and fax line with higher data speed (limited quota for data). Seem to be good enough, right? Business should be moving smoothly!

Well, that wasn’t the case, we have a few problems:

  • Since that area is new, the signal for both wireless broadband was not stable. This causes connection break down and drop, and low broadband speed.
  • Since the fax line have quota for data, we choose not to use it for surfing because priority goes to fax.
  • Both the line always break and this further introduce fax problem both in or out, sometime we receive half of the fax only and vice versa when we send it. Not to forget the phone calls. Sorry for those that call in and experience sudden disconnect, we apologize for that. Please do not misunderstand; we have never hanged up phone calls 🙂
  • Processing order and getting information from the Internet is like the age where we are using dial up – Jaring/TM solution, if you get what I means.
  • We often need to login to modem and monitor the signal strength further reset it, turn the modem orientation and hope to get better signal. Yes, that works sometime. But most of the time, it is still crawling like tortoise.

At a moment, the broadband for phone line was off for a few days and we have no choice to call up the services centre and request for technical support, yet there is no actual technical support except for restarting the modem and tuning the orientation, also the standard answer “We will get back to you in 24 hours”. Thanks! We cannot serve our customer when there is no Internet, processing orders and most of the daily operating requires Internet access. Without any good options, we choose to utilize the fax line broadband and also private broadband from our staff. Yes, we need to move on.

Worst came when a morning (end of July 2013), we found that factory is being broke in but the alarm system does not trigger calls, just the siren is activated, why? Oh, it is because the phone line wireless broadband is not working these few days and we are “lucky enough” that the thief choose this period to break in. Yes, the alarm was triggered, but the phone line is not working, so the in house alarm cannot trigger the call center and further trigger us.

Yes, we made the police report and the police came to take pictures and also fingerprint.

We have the CCTV camera capturing the break-in but the thieves are smart enough by wearing helmet to cover their faces. 4 in a team and what did they took?

  • 32″ LCD TV, we use it for exhibition and to play product video.
  • A one horse power air compressor
  • A Bosch hand drill
  • A Matika hammer drill
  • A few cameras which we use to capture product photos
  • Very old hard disc
  • A few old keypad type of mobile phones with the battery dying and without charger 🙂
  • A Sony hard disc ViewCam, and did not take the charger.
  • And some which we have yet to find out even by now!

Yes, we do get some in return:

  • A spoiled door, which we are unable to get the replacement at the same day, so we need to buy a huge long iron chain to chain it from inside for 1 week.
  • And a “Parang” (a knife) uses for breaking in. I can assure you, this does not belong to us.
  • And last but not least, a messy place after the “search”.

After tidying up the mess, we continue our work. To ensure this does not happen again, we replace stronger door with more locks 🙂 and ensure the line is working properly every day! Yes, the phone line is up again after that day! But we are still having the line down problem from time to time during working hours!

Early this year (2014), we have a letter from TM. With the hope it will be good news, but it turns us down! We actually filled in a complain form a few months ago to TM stating that there is no fix line solution in our area, and they will take necessary action according to the officer. The return letter actually refers to the complaint form we summited. It stated that since the complaint has been summited for 6 months, it is automatically closed !! It is closed due to expired, not because they solved it! Great!

Yes, we will still need to live with the condition we are having now. Resetting and adjusting the modem. Worst, the line breakdown quite frequent lately, we have no choice to register a mobile phone line. So there is another option for customer to contact us, here are the numbers:

Currently we are using UniFi with landline of:

Tel: (main) +604-504 1878
Fax: +604-504 0138

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

TM! We love you because you provide Internet to Malaysia, especially residents and business. From the beginning where there is only phone line, evolve to dial up (1511?), further become Streamyx and now UniFi. Many of us registered for UniFi in our house. We love you, but you are killing us because there is no fix line solution for us, and it has been over a year. Please, give us a good news so that we can serve our customer better.

1 thought on “TM, we love you, but you’re killing us!”

  1. Permatang Tinggi,my employer facing same problem as Cytron..
    My employer bulding just one unit apart from Cytron.
    Was been broke in,only a moth after we’re move in..

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